Our Gym

After a decade of teaching out of Whippany, NJ, Kaensak has opened his own gym in the summer of 2020 in Pompton Lakes, NJ achieving a lifelong dream.

Our facility is comprised of one large room, one small room, and two bathrooms (one shower).

Room 1 (Large room)

This is where our classes are held. We have mats in place as well as 15 hanging bags where we practice bagwork. We also have some wall-mounted punching bags. In the back corner, we have a treadmill, squat rack, cable crossover machine, pull up bar and sets of dumbbells and kettlebells. One wall of the large room is actually a garage door, and so, ventilation is excellent. The back wall is where we hang our Thai pads and focus mitts. We make sure to wipe down and sterilize the mats and gear after every class. picture


This is where we students leave their gym bags and take their shoes off.

Room 2 (Small room)

This room features our ring.

picture picture